Uniquely Designed For Fun.

Hovi Dry Goods offers performance golf shirts and limited edition hats in small batches, bringing a fresh look to some of our favorite teams, artwork, places, and memories.

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This new, limited run "product" just dropped! Grab your hat today!

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Introducing Hovi Golf

Ditch the classic solids and stripes and show some personality with Hovi Golf. New for fall 2022. Pre-order now.

Just the beginning.

It all started with a few friends who have a shared affinity for their alma mater, but were sick of paying for mass production gear. Over priced, over exposed, and over produced, there had to be a better way to rep the teams and places we love. It all started with an on-the-whim, small batch order of powder blue corduroy hats that sold out in 48 hours. So what's next? Stay tuned.

Game Day, Every Day.

If you’re from the South, you know sports are deeply engrained in the culture. We rep our favorite teams year round. Our unique, limited edition hats show off your personal style. So you can rep your favorite team year round… plus, look good and stand out doing it. 

Have a cool hat idea? Drop us a line.