Hovi Dry Goods offers limited edition hats in small batches, bringing a fresh look to some of our favorite teams, logos, places, and memories. 

It all started with a few friends who have a shared affinity for their alma mater but were sick of paying for mass production gear. Overpriced, overexposed, and overproduced, there had to be a better way to rep the teams and places we love. 

At Hovi, we’re hat obsessed. We’re always looking for fresh color combinations, new materials, iconic fabrics, and distinctive artwork that stands the test of time. When you shop with Hovi, you’re investing in good lookin’ gear for game days, get-togethers, just hanging out, and everything in between. Because Hovi Dry Goods makes limited edition, small-batch hats for your lifestyle; not just for game days. 

When you buy with Hovi, you can expect to stand apart and show your personal style with your purchase. Because small batch production means you’re highly unlikely to be twinning with a random on game day. 

Think iconic memorabilia has to be purchased at the stadium? Think again. 

Our Team

We're a dedicated and distributed team of creative craftsmen and women with roots in Denver, CO, Chattanooga, TN, and Cape Town, South Africa. At Hovi, we’re a diverse crew with a few important things in common; namely Ole Miss as our alma mater, an affinity for cool hats, and a great friend who we continue to love and miss every damn day, Peyton Hovious Houchins.

In Memory of Hovi

Our company was born out of a love for our alma mater, the University of Mississippi. In particular, the community of friends established in Oxford, MS, over a decade ago. We were united by one unruly and spirited friend, Peyton Hovious ‘Hovi’ Houchins, whose enthusiasm for Ole Miss sports and professional basketball was contagious and lives on in everyone who knew him.